semi-hiatus with queue bc gmod

Ongoing animes/mangas I watch/read: Ao no exorcist / Barakamon / Bleach / Diamond no Ace / Fairy Tail / Haikyuu!! / Naruto / One piece / Shingeki no Kyojin / Tokyo Ghoul / Zankyou no Terror

Hi I'm Hanna and I'm a bad person because I like Sanji
I love One Piece and Sanji is my #1

ninetailednaruto -> jiraiya-chan -> sanjl

I also go by sanjilover69

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person: you're really pretty
me: are you making fun of me
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if ur ever considering moving to australia just remember that we are having total fire bans and 38˚ days and t’s only october, which is the second month of spring


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being an introvert is really hard because there is no polite way to tell someone that you’re in a bad mood because you’re exhausted from socializing.

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Either make Naruto hokage or show Kakashi’s face we did not dedicate almost 700 chapters to not see at least one.

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"i’m not bitter" i say, bitterly, with a bitter expression

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u dare come to my house and disrespect my anime