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Finally, 2 weeks after receiving my dress from Sheinside, I’ve been able to take pictures with it, but sadly it has been thunderstorming a lot lately and I havent been able to take the pictures outside. 

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The dress itself is very beautiful and comfortable to wear, but since I am really tall, size L is a teeeny-tiny bit short for me. I wore it on my birthday and I was worrying about my butt being exposed. So girls over 175cm (I’m ~178cm) might have to consider ordering a bigger size dress, if available.

Other than that, I have no complaints. The lace is absolutely gorgeous, I love the belt and of course my favourite colour, blue. 

It’s airy, bottom part of the dress flows nicely and feels light. The upper part of the dress was nicely tight over me and the lace was probably one of the softest things my skin has ever felt. 

I’m really satisfied and in love with the dress, can’t wait to wear it again

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